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Aesthetic Gynaecology
"The essence of femininity is to absolutely love being a woman."
~ Madonna

Over a course of time, women's intimate areas go through several physical and functional changes as a result of intense experiences – such as the natural aging process, genetics, childbirth and/or chronic pelvic issues, hormonal changes, drastic weight loss, congenital asymmetry or deformity or due to pathological conditions such as infections. Aesthetic Gynaecology helps restore the physical appearance or function of your vagina and labia (in many cases, both). Being a rapidly evolving, relatively new branch in the medical industry, Aesthetic Gynaecology is becoming a common practice amongst women of all cultures. It addresses concerns with the visual appearance, sensation, health and functioning of the vagina, improving the satisfaction of sexual activities, while also making your vagina and labia appear younger or more aesthetically-pleasing.

Oma's Aesthetic Gynaecology's dedicated and talented doctors help restore a woman's physical comfort through both surgical and non-surgical procedures such as Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty, Laser Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

The radical advancements in the medical industry over the course of time, allow such issues to be addressed for a happier and more satisfying life. Discover the ideal solution for your concerns by booking a consultation with one of our expert aesthetic gynaecologist.

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The Complete Medical Solution for Women
Our highly skilled aesthetic obstetrician and gynaecologists help restore a woman’s physical comfort through both surgical and non-surgical procedures.
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